Offering a multitude of features at excellent prices, the executive chairs of the professional class fulfil the demands of the commercial workplace. These swivel chairs are designed for average daily use of up to 8 hours. Professional-class executive chairs are ideal for universal use, though are specially targeted to providing maximum functionality and premium materials to suit business meetings and conferences. Upholstered with top-quality leather or easy-care materials such as microfibre or faux leather. Optimal posture support through ergonomically formed seats, armrests and backrests. The professional class is fitted with steel bases in large dimensions, contributing to stability and thus, user safety. All models of the professional class foreground comfort as the precursor to efficient work.
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Pro Executive Chair

Reasonably priced and yet superbly equipped. Executive chairs of this group meet your requirements for professional use. These swivel chairs are intended for daily usage up to 8 hours daily. In this category you will find all-round office chairs for high demands in terms of functionality and workmanship.

Upholstered with quality leather or with easy-care faux leather or even microfibre fabrics. Ergonomic support is achieved by ideally shaped seats and back rests, as well as standard armrests. The large metal chair bases contributes to the chair’s safety in use. Emphasis is placed on comfortable seats.